Menu Planning for Busy Moms |

“What’s For Dinner?” Menu Planning Tips for the Busy Mom

Menu Planning for Busy Moms |

If you are a busy mom (or perhaps you play one on TV 😉 ), here are 3 MENU PLANNING tips to help make dinner meals a snap!

1. Schedule your meals in advance.

This is one of the most important planning tips for meals!

Knowing what you are going to eat throughout the week prevents you from stopping off at the closest fast food restaurant at the “eleventh hour.”

Decide on the last day of the previous week or month what the menu will be for the following week or month.

How far in advance you want to plan just depends on your personality.

If you’re more of the spontaneous type, at least plan 2-3 days in advance. It’ll help you maintain some sanity!

2. Use Pinterest.

If you’re stuck in a rut making the same thing each week, change it up by searching on Pinterest.

WARNING- this is a Time-sucker! So make sure you have nothing else planned if you’re going to do this.

You can start with my Pinterest board on Dinner ideas and make a list of 5 or 6 new ones you’ll put on the menu this month!

3. Cook your meals in advance.

After deciding on a menu plan, go ahead and fix as many meals as you can.

Choose a day when the entire family can help like Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

Each person can take one meal and fix it for the following week.

Once everything has cooled, store it in sealed containers or casserole dishes to be frozen until the night it is needed.

All of the meals can’t be cooked at once.

Some foods just taste better freshly prepared.

For them, so as much prep work in advance as you can. Enlist your kids to help chop (give them the kitchen shears instead) vegetables, dice cooked meat and mix together dry ingredients.

The night of the meal, all that is needed is to add the wet ingredients and bake.

Meal time doesn’t have to be all on mom. The entire family can help with dinner so it is a relaxing meal for everyone!

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