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Like most women, I wear many hats. (Some assembly required. Cape not included.)

After the birth of my first child, I became very concerned about everything my baby ate and touched.

Everything from toxins in personal care products to processed food to pharmaceuticals became an issue for me. I also began to have stress, anxiety and fatigue symptoms after giving birth to 3 large babies in a row under a blanket of sleep-deprivation and crappy nutrition. I realized that I had to start giving myself some intensive self-care.

Thankfully, I finally found a natural solution that would not only work for myself and my family, but also as I went about my day in my various roles as teacher, consultant, minister, and entrepreneur!

That solution was Young Living Essential Oils.

Why Essential Oils?

  1. Essential Oils from plants are God’s original design for physical, emotional and mental wellness. (Ever wonder why Adam and Eve were placed in a garden?)
  2. Imbibed with healing properties, the oils do not contain the same side effects that a chemical-based medicine would have.
  3. Aromatherapy has been shown to enhance the mood, lift the spirits and bring emotional balance.
  4. Before the modern pharmaceutical movement, oils were in common everyday use.
  5. Strange new diseases plague our world each day. Modern medicine is unprepared. The Healthcare industry is in chaos. We are forced to take our health into our own hands.

Young Living has helped my family in amazing ways.

Read about How I Avoided Getting Gestational Diabetes in my Third Pregnancy.

Or you can read about how Young Living has helped thousands of other people with all types of issues at Oil-Testimonials.

I am all about empowering women to be more self-sufficient! We’ve lost the ancient art and science of relying on the best that the earth has already given us to sustain our well-being and we’ve been taught to look to “experts” to tell us what to do! 

Young Living’s oils and oil-infused products help with

  • medicinal issues
  • emotional issues
  • mental issues
  • physical ailments
  • detoxing
  • nutrition
  • weight management
  • immune system support
  • personal care & hygiene
  • moving beyond traumatic experiences… and so much more!


There’s never been a better time to start! Get your PREMIUM STARTER KIT w/EVERYDAY OILS.

Your body and your family will thank you. ^_^

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