If you have read the About Mom page, then you already know that I am not only a Teacher,
but I am also a Chinese Teacher.

It is my conviction that learning Chinese is a MUST for the 21st century.

Sure, there are plenty of Chinese students learning English, but that is besides the point. America must get off of its ego/ethnocentric bottom and embrace the global culture. 1.5 billion people in the world are speaking Mandarin Chinese. Shouldn’t you?

The goal of this page is to provide you with resources for teaching your children Chinese simply and effectively. Part of these resources will be links to sites with established language learning curriculum and content. The other part will be created by me. I teach junior high level introductory Chinese and I also homeschool my very young daughters. At school I use a textbook; at home I use the Total Immersion approach. I have seen what kinds of resources are effective and what are not. I will provide you with links as well as self-created materials (coming soon!) to aid in your home Chinese instruction.

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