Chalkola Chalk Markers (My Honest Review)


Are you a Teacher or Homeschool Mom?

Did you love chalkboards when you were younger, but when you became a teacher you decided you hated having the powder all over your clothes and fingers?

Welcome to my world!! =P

I hate Chalk

The fact of the matter is that what’s fun for kids ain’t always fun for adults, am I right??

I LOVED LOVED LOVED erasing and washing the chalkboard at school as a kid, but as a Teacher, it was just one more tiresome bit of tedious work I had to do!

Of course, I would outsource it to students like me who were more than eager to help.

Chalk in China

When I lived in China, I had a different problem.

The chalk that was being given to teachers for our use was grainy, crumbly and dusty!

In America, we’d already introduced “dust-less chalk” due to the myriad of health issues casued by dust, and the sensitivities of children with allergies and asthma.

This was not the case at all in China at the turn of the 21st Century and so I requested chalk from home and my church sent me supplies.

I was so happy to have my “American chalk” with me! Still, the issue of the powder and of course, the shelf life, the fragility, etc. were big problems.

Chalk Markers

I’m so glad that as a teacher now (and as a Homeschool Mom whose kids love to write on the easel!), I have another – even BETTER – option:

Chalkola Chalk Markers are some of the best markers on the market!

I was very excited to receive my boxes of chalk pens and metallic markers. (They are CHUNKS!)

And I was surprised at how well they worked on my children’s Melissa & Doug easel at home.

I am very happy with my set of chalk pens. And so are my children, lol!

Go to to order your set!

Test it out and let me know which side of the debate you fall on:
Chalk or chalk markers?!

Watch this video on how to get your Chalk Markers started!

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Disclaimer: I received a free set of Chalkola markers in exchange for my honest review. I am not an affiliate and will not receive any commission for my referrals.

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