Intro to Natural Health with Essential Oils: 5 Videos

Natural Health with Essential Oils

When I became a mom, everything changed.

Suddenly, I was introduced to the world of

  • chemicals
  • toxins
  • poisons

It’s not that I didn’t know they existed. I just didn’t realize that they existed in everyday items such as

  • household cleaners
  • personal care products (deodorants, shampoos, lotions, etc)
  • diapers and wipes (yikes!)
  • toys
  • clothing
  • art supplies (like that crayon your baby is gnawing on!)
  • and food!!

I was completely ignorant! And when I started to get educated about this issue, I just became angry. How dare the public be made unaware of how dangerous most products are!

I set out to detox my home in order to prepare a more natural and clean environment for my children. I wanted to avoid these toxins like that plague that they are because they have been known to cause diseases. Check out this infographic:

What Toxic Chemicals is Your Body Absorbing? |

Well, damn.

That about says it all.

I got so angry that I decided to invest in products that would replace those chemicals and reduce the exposure my kids would have to them. I bought cloth diapers, cloth wipes, organic bed-sheets and clothing, wooden toys and stuffed animals with natural fibers. I also bought fruit and vegetables from the farmer’s market. But nothing has changed my family the way that replacing our medicine cabinet has.

EOs vs OTC drugs |

I invested in a new lifestyle of Natural Health with Young Living Essential Oils. 

I could write a novel with everything there is to know about them, but since I personally think watching a video is more fun, here are 5 videos to orient you on the ancient science of using essential oils for natural health:

5. FOX News Report on Young Living Essential Oils

4. Rodney Yee (Yoga Guru) Assessment of Young Living Essential Oils

3. How to Use the 10 Everyday Oils

2. Healing Oils of the Bible

1. The Missing Link with Young Living Founder, D. Gary Young

If you’re serious about going green, living more natural and toxin-free, I urge you to try these oils!

You have nothing to lose by just trying them and seeing if they’ll work for you just as they’ve worked for me and so many countless others!

( I highly recommend the PREMIUM KIT.)

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    Jasmine, Thanks for sharing this Awesome information! Your thoughts on this matter and the infographic just about says it all. We all need to take charge of our health and pay special attention to the products we use on a daily basis. Reading the product ingredients and researching these ingredients is one of the most important things we can do to prevent our bodies from getting sick. Many of these products are infested with toxic chemicals (fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate,…) that will cause harm to our own personal health and even that of our loved ones. God has provided us with all the natural resources, like essential oils and organic elements that we need to live a healthy life.