Using Essential Oils at Bedtime (Not Just for Kids!)

Using #EssentialOils at Bedtime (Not Just for #Kids!) |

Bedtime can be one of the most stressful times we experience as Parents.

​For some reason, our children are designed to RESIST sleep at a time when WE need sleep the MOST! (#LifeIsUnfair)

​So, we end up in a struggle with them, which leads to yelling, punishing, stress and exhaustion. 
Not the best way to end an already tiring day!

I can totally relate. My oldest, Jelly Bean, is a TERRIBLE sleeper! She has always taken three hours to nap and three hours to go to sleep at bedtime. :'(

I endured two more pregnancies sitting by her bedside trying to entice her into a quiet sleep, only to have her wake up about every 90 minutes yelling for me to stay with her!​ By the time I was at the end of my third pregnancy, I was sure that I was either going to kill my child or kill myself! I was spiraling towards a depression caused by sleep deprivation.

I  was new to the idea of using essential oils, having just learned about them at a homeschool convention. But, one thing I knew was that aromatherapy could change a person's mood, just like music. I figured I would take a shot at using essential oils at bedtime to see if I could get my daughter to sleep more quickly and easily. 

Well, the effect was dramatic! Not only is my child more peaceful, but she LOVES the smell of the oils! She requests them when I forget. I now use them on my 2 and 3 year old and they go to sleep as happy campers! ​

​Here are just 3 oils I use to EFFECTIVELY put my kids to bed*:

1. ​Peace & Calming:
Rub one drop on the bottom of the feet to soothe, calm, relax and enhance a sense of peace over the body.

2. Lavender:
Put one drop on the bed-sheets or the pillows so that your child can inhale its fragrance and settle down. I also use a Diffuser to fill the room with its scent.

3. Valor:​
One drop rubbed on the base of the spine to harmonize and align the balance in the body. 

*May need to be diluted 1:1 with a carrier oil, such as coconut, olive or V-6.​

And guess what? These oils are NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Moms, Dads, Grandparents or any caregiver can use these oils! In fact, Mom - if you're as sleep-deprived or stressed as I was (and still am since I have an infant!), I highly recommend you use them on yourself! 

Here's a BONUS oil for you, Mom:

Stress Away EO from Young Living |

​You're welcome! ^_^

Would like to see how powerfully these oils can work for you and your kids?

Or, are you o.k. with the day-to-day fighting and tears?

You can end the struggle NOW.

You can get all 3 oils (Lavender, Peace and Calming, and Valor), plus Stress Away, AND a Diffuser to start using them all IMMEDIATELY, by simply purchasing the PREMIUM STARTER KIT. 

Young Living Premium Starter Kit |


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      For sure! I’ll be posting a lot more on oils moving forward. There are tons of ways to use them as long as they’re therapeutic-grade like Young Living.