The Daily Schedule of a Mom with Three Kids (ages 0-3!)

The Daily Schedule of a Mom with Three Kids Ages 0-3!

I never thought I would have three kids in three years. 

But since I did, I now have my attention divided during the day and night like a schizophrenic chicken with its head cut off.

Actually, that sounds frightening. But, still, somewhat close to the reality! :P

  1. Jelly Bean is just over 3 years old.
  2. Baby Ruth will be 2 next month.
  3. Cookie Dough is 4 months old.

So what does the Daily Schedule of a mom with 3 kids ages 0-3 look like? Well, it looks somewhat like this: 

Anytime between 4:30-7:30am : Cookie Dough is up and ready to feed. (He feeds every three hours. So if he fed at 4:30, he’ll eat again at 7:30.)

7:30am : The girls are up and often must wait until I finish feeding the baby before getting their diapers and PJs changed.

8am-8:30 : Cook breakfast.

8:30-9:30 : Girls eating Breakfast / possibly Feeding Baby

9:30-10am : Rescue girls from high chairs and get them washed up

10am-10:30am : Dishes / do a load of Laundry

10:30-11am: Feeding Baby

11am-11:30am: Entertain all 3 kids, avert disasters, wipe juice off floor, scold toddler for scribbling onto TV with marker / Try to read daily devotion?

11:30-12:30 : Prep and serve Lunch

12:30-1pm : Kitchen clean-up / All 3 kids need a nap!

1pm-1:30 : Try to put girls down for nap while rocking baby

1:30-2pm: Feeding baby

2pm-3pm : Yelling at girls to TAKE A NAP ALREADY! while I try to put the baby to sleep

3pm-4:30 : Girls MAYBE napping / Baby MIGHT be sleeping / Catch up with Email/Twitter/FB/Pinterest – usually with baby on my lap and typing with one hand – usually my non-dominant one! :P

4:30-5pm : Girls are up (if they even slept!) /Diaper changes and Snack / Feed baby

5pm-6pm: Entertain all 3 kids, avert disasters, etc / Give girls a bath IF the baby is asleep

6pm-7:30 : Make and serve Dinner

7:30-8pm : Feed baby

8pm-9pm : If not already given, then Baths for girls with baby screaming / Attempt to put girls to sleep and have a consistent Night Routine (that’s another post!)

9pm-10pm : Clean up kitchen and mess from dinner / Possibly yell at girls to GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!!

10pm-11pm : Feed baby / Put baby down for the night / Take out trash / Sweeping, mopping, overall cleanup

11pm-12am : Take a shower / Debate about whether to blog, answer emails, text back family and friends / Look at laundry yet to be folded

12am : Fall into an exhausted brain-hazed sleep… for about 90mins til one of my girls cries out in her sleep, or the baby wakes up for a night feeding.

Then it’s a new day.



**And let me qualify this schedule by being perfectly honest –> my girls watch way more TV than I would like. Even though I control what they watch through YouTube, NetFlix and Hulu, it’s still much more than I’m comfortable with. I am hoping that by the time Cookie Dough starts walking, my schedule will be less out of control and more manageable.

How about you mommies? What’s your daily schedule like??


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  1. Bess Greevy says

    Even with 2 siblings, older brother gets way more screen time than I would like. Nursing a baby and getting her to sleep takes time, and without anyone else to interact with Brother does not like being left alone. Without videos, he purposefully creates big messes. Since he started preschool 3 mornings a week his video consumption has decreased significantly and I can enjoy snuggles with baby guilt free. Definitely worth it. Be gentle with yourself, you are doing what is needed to survive this intense new baby time!

  2. says

    My, I remember those days! And my three are a little more spread out – 3 kids in 4 years. Everything seems so hectic and urgent when there’s a baby to feed every few hours – regardless of the number of siblings. It’s a fast-paced dance of life! Eventually life does settle into a somewhat slower rhythm, though. :)
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