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12 Weeks of Holiday Planning and Preparation | LearningWithMom.org

12 Weeks of Holiday Planning and Preparation (Week 1)

I don’t know about you, but Christmas seems to sneak up on me EVERY YEAR!

Even when I have Christmas activities planned for the kids, we never get around to doing them until a few days beforehand.

Even when I’ve said I will get around to doing my Christmas shopping before or by Black Friday and not wait until Christmas Eve, I have found myself literally trudging through the snow on the 24th looking for gifts!

That’s life the crazy way.

Let’s now look at a saner way of doing things.

Cue The 12-Week Holiday Planner!

The 12-Week Holiday Planner | LearningWithMom.orgI can’t say enough good things about this planner. It has been a life-saver. Helping me to remember things I would otherwise forget —

  • like how to reflect on the holidays
  • how to establish my own home traditions
  • how to remember to honor Christ in everything

This first week is centered around LIST-MAKING.

It begins with a Holiday Self-evaluation! (Imagine that – time to think and evaluate on what you want to get accomplished during the holidays instead of just sailing mindlessly through them.)

It continues with lists for Gift making, Christmas cards, Thanksgiving menus, Christmas menus, New Year’s menus... (What?! New Year’s, too? Oh, yes!) … and even a Wardrobe planner!

This first week sets the foundation for the rest of the weeks to come.

Keep making that list and checking it twice! (Oops, I started singing there. You understand, don’t you? Thank you. No judgment! ^_^)

I would love for you to join me in this 12-week planning endeavor!

It’s very simple –>

You can get your 12-Week Holiday Planner/Holiday Combo Set HERE.

The 12-Week Holiday Planner will…
(Description from the site)

  • begin October 1st – no more last minute scrambling!
  • give you detailed To Do Lists each week – yes, we tell you exactly what to do each week so you are ready for the holidays!
  • give you lots of forms to fill out and put in your very own Holiday Planner notebook – we even include with the planner a zipped folder with all the forms from the planner in editable PDF format!
  • make your life less stressful so that you can enjoy this special time of year with your family
  • some of our favorite holiday recipes for you to try
  • encourage you to be intentional while planning to make your holidays special


What you will find in this 170 page ebook:

  • Blank monthly and weekly calendar pages for planning your year
  • Weekly “To Do” lists showing exactly what needs to be done each week
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Menus forms
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Recipe Card forms
  • A Holiday Self-Evaluation form
  • Shopping Lists
  • “Sheri’s Tips”- tips to make your holidays meaningful, shared throughout the ebook
  • Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas
  • Memory Making Ideas for the Family
  • Holiday Journal Pages
  • Many, many forms such as:
    Christmas Gift Shopping List
    Gift Making Checklist
    Christmas Card Checklist
    Holiday Wardrobe Planner
    List of Baked Items to Share/Give Away
    Favorite Meals to Freeze for Later
    Decoration Ideas
    Needed Supplies to Purchase This Week
    Holiday Baking Schedule
    Kids’ Gift Idea List
    Christmas Gifts to be Shipped
  • PLUS!!! Two bonus weeks with family tradition ideas, menus, and more!
  • PLUS!!! Some of our favorite holiday recipes!
  • PLUS!!! Holiday Coloring Pages!
  • PLUS!!!  Brand new zipped folder with all the forms from the planner in editable PDF format

You can get your 12-Week Holiday Planner/Holiday Combo Set HERE.

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