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Parenting the Whole Child: Present and Future


  The following is a Guest Post by LWM Contributor, Jessica Soo Parenting the Whole Child: Present and Future Moving has been a recent topic of conversation between my husband and me. It’s not a major move or decision but more of my husband thinking about real estate and investment value and I’m thinking that […]

5 Ways to Make Money from Home

5 Ways to Make Money from Home | Learning With Mom

  Image Source Today I’m talking about how to make money from home over at Womanhood With Purpose. Come read all about it here –> http://www.womanhoodwithpurpose.com/5-ways-make-money-home/

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Homeschool Help - 12-wk Coaching Program | LearningWithMom.org

* IMPORTANT: I am about to offer you the opportunity to talk to me privately for a full 30 minutes at absolutely no cost to you, to help you educate your kids successfully. If this sounds like something you need, keep reading!* As you can imagine, I speak with a lot of moms. Whether I’m […]

You CAN Make Money from Home (Tips from Proverbs 31)

You CAN Make Money from Home - Tips from Prov. 31 | LearningWithMom.org

Everyday,  more and more of my mommy friends are coming to me and asking about ways to make money while staying at home. I am so excited to finally broadcast this episode on BlogTalkRadio where I share my story with you about how I got into home business and how I’m 100% committed to helping any […]

Biblical Equality 101: 10 Thought-Provoking Blog Posts

Biblical Equality 101-10 Thought-Provoking Blog Posts | LearningWithMom.org

  (Photo Credit) I mentioned in my previous post that I am a staunch advocate for Biblical Equality. (You can read that here.) I am quite aware that I stand alone (or at least smaller) among the larger complimentarian/hierarchical voices in the Homeschool and Home-making blogging community. It seems that everywhere I turn, I read […]

Women in Business and At Home (Infographic)

Network Marketing Professional | LearningWithMom.org

 I can’t help but be excited when I help another woman take control of her life and finances by starting a home business. The world is full of money-making opportunities. And though I still firmly believe that Network Marketing is the perfect business for a busy wife/mom, I know that the thought of being the […]

Easy Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

(Photo credit)   Easter is coming and that means it’s time for crafts! Children love making things, especially Preschoolers, so why not take advantage of this time of year to do some easy and fun activities? (Good for Toddlers, too!) It is important to choose crafts that are easy and fast. I have three simple ideas for you and I’m talking about them […]

Intro to Natural Health with Essential Oils: 5 Videos

Natural Health with Essential Oils

When I became a mom, everything changed. Suddenly, I was introduced to the world of chemicals toxins poisons It’s not that I didn’t know they existed. I just didn’t realize that they existed in everyday items such as household cleaners personal care products (deodorants, shampoos, lotions, etc) diapers and wipes (yikes!) toys clothing art supplies […]